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Mission Statement:

The mission of The Coat of Arms is to deliver honest, comprehensive, and accurate coverage to the Menlo School community.  As a student publication, we strive to present the diversity of voice, interest, and activity within the school. We will remain relevant and accessible by using multiple forms of media, offering fresh angles on subjects significant to the community, and encouraging dialogue and feedback.

Coat of Arms Staff

Editor-in-Chief - Kaitlyn Tom
Print Editor - Gillian Bressie
Online Editor - Baily Deeter
News Editor - Eva Herr
A&L Editor - Abby Wolfenden
Spread Editor - Gracie Hammond
Ass't Spread Editor - Caroline Frantz
Opinions Editor - Electa Narasin
Sports Editor - Emilio Simbeck
Copy Editor - Kate Jeffries
Video Editor - Clara Guthrie
Social Media Director - Ty Corley
Marketing Director - James Kinder

Staff Photographer - Bella Scola

Staff: Addie Ahlstrom, Crystal Bai, Eric Chang, Sid Chari, Vionna Eshghi, Sam Fortenbaugh, Jacob Halabe, Kate Hammond, Brooke Hodge, Casey Kline, Peridot Park, Martina Punnonen, David Quezada, Bridget Quigley, Silas Stewart, Shelby Rende, Samantha Stevens, Connor Van Lighten, Elisabeth Westermann

Webmaster: Thomas Woodside

Adviser- Tripp Robbins

Contact us:

The Coat of Arms

50 Valparaiso Avenue

Atherton, CA  94027

Tel: 650-330-2001

Letters & comments to the editor:  kaitlyn.tom@menloschool.org

Website feedback: coatofarms@menloschool.org

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