Menlo teams enter the spring sports season: photo essay

As Spring sports get under way, Menlo sports teams gear up for their coming season.

Story and photos by Jacob Halabe

Freshmen Jeremy Yun, junior Kevin Chen, and freshman Troy Demmon load up the vans that will take the Menlo boys golf team off campus to the Stanford Golf Courses, where practice is held among other locations.

Freshman Colin Skinner does butterfly stroke at swimming practice, held at the pools in Menlo College. “I’ve really enjoyed going to the meets every Wednesday. [...] They bond the team team together,” Skinner said.

Members of the swimming team do laps at the Menlo College pools during practice. “We look pretty good up against [other schools],” said assistant coach David Hill, when asked about the team’s prospects. However, Hill also went on to say that the team expected a challenge from Sacred Heart Prep in the coming season.

Members of the girls lacrosse team stretch before practices, held on Cartan field.

Sophomores Skylar Deeter and Sarah Norum do lunges on Cartan field, warming up for practice along with the rest of the girls lacrosse team.

Senior Bruce Tickner boards the bus that will take the boys lacrosse team from Menlo to Holbrook Palmer Park, where the team’s practices are held. Due to lack of space, the boys lacrosse team will practice there until a later date. “With the field situation [...] we lose up to 25 minutes of field time,” Lacrosse head coach Blakely Kim said.

Sophomores Finn Leschly, Cole Chroman, and Declan Stanton confer with JV boys lacrosse coach Adam Whistler, as the team warms up before getting on the bus. The current team headcount stands at 25 Varsity players and 19 Junior Varsity players.

The Boys Varsity Tennis team practices on the Wunderlich Courts.

Track team captain Robert Miranda runs banana hurdles with the team as a warmup.

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