Students register to vote following walkout

After the walkout on March 14, inspired students signed up to register to vote today. Staff photo: Kate Jeffries.

By Kate Jeffries

Stationed in the front half of the student center today during lunch, upper school students had the ability to pre-register and register to vote due to a Student Council initiative. Kathryn Wilson, a senior member of student council initially proposed the idea of having voter registration at Menlo since she was inspired by her friends at other schools who planned registration opportunities on their campuses. Wilson reached out to Dean of Students, Tony Lapolla and Assistant to the Dean of Students, Victoria Cruikshank who were in support of the idea and helped Wilson with the organization of the event.

“The League of Women’s Voters [is] the group who supplied us with all the materials and [provided] a representative to guide us through the process during lunchtime.” Wilson said. Wilson remarks on how the walkout many Menlo students attended could have been a contributing factor to the large turnout for voter registration on campus today. “Thankfully, many students were inclined to register to vote after such an empowering walkout yesterday. If there is anything I took away from the walkout it’s that in order to make real change, we need to [...] vote,” Wilson said.

Junior Natasha Walia, one of the many students who pre-registered, emphasized the importance of students voicing their opinions and voting once they are old enough. “Within the political climate [today], I think it’s really important that young people register to vote since [they] can change the outcome of the upcoming election. Especially with the student walkout, teenagers are taking it into their own hands to change [national issues],” Walia said.

Junior Katie Lambert also pre-registered to vote today due to her interest in politics. “Personally, I like to keep up with current events and politics so I am very invested in elections. I chose to register since I knew I would want to vote once I am old enough,” Lambert said.

Overall, registration at lunch today was a success and motivated many upper school students to remain involved in their communities.

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