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Photo recap of creative arts week day 4

Creative Arts Week Day 4 featured an impressive Menlo's Got Talent lunchtime performance. Staff photos: Electa Narasin.

By Electa Narasin

Students displayed their artist talents through both singing and instrument in the Menlos Got Talent performance on Thursday. Sophomore Elizabeth Vaynblat is shown singing "House of the Rising Sun."

Freshman Leo Jergovic sang the song "Love Letter" while playing the piano.

Singing club, led by Seniors Kathryn Wilson and Lauren Creamer, joined chorus teacher Karen Linford to sing "Ho Hey."

Sophomore Ethan Yan joined Linford to sing "A Chloris".

Sophomore Soda Hou played "A Chopin Etude" on piano.

Junior Elise Thompson joined voice teacher Sharon Davis to sing "Greensleeves."

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