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Creative Arts Week Day 3 Photo Recap

Today's festivities included the first Litmag slam of the year. The club continued its tradition of having spoken word coupled with a musical instrument, culminating in a truly immersive experience. Staff photos: Shelby Rende.

By Shelby Rende

Sophomore Jonathan Hou, one of the co-presidents of the Litmag club, announces the next performer. Hou hosted the event and was very happy with the size of the crowd for the first Litmag slam of the year. Hou also improvised on the piano while Alex Morgan read his own poem later in the performance.

Sophomore Aaron Morgan performs an original poem about how he views America while junior Jay Chiruvolu plays the saxophone alongside him.

History department chair Ryan Dean performs “Happy Imperatives to the Earth's Magnificence (on its unknown birthday or early retirement)” while sophomore Ethan Yan plays the violin. “I think it was a really great experience. We knew each other inside the classroom as my history teacher [...] but I think you really get to know someone in a different light when you play music with them,” Yan said.

Freshman Egan Lai performs his own poem, “Flying High”, at a Litmag slam for first time with his sister, senior Chloe Lai, who plays the piano with him.

Sophomore Bella Guel, co-president of Litmag, performs her poem “The River” as junior Will Buxton plays the violin.

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