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Creative Arts Week Day 2 Photo Recap

The second day of creative arts week, combined with Halloween, led to a spirited atmosphere with lots of activities and energy from Menlo students. Staff photos by Bridget Quigley.

By Bridget Quigley

Freshman Ilan Listgarten walks back to the quad after lunch dressed as Fiona from Shrek, complete with green face paint and a floor-length green dress.

Juniors Grace King and Sianna Houghton dress as gangsters in gold pants and chains while hanging out on the junior quad during lunch.

Students decorate sugar skulls for the Taft Community Fair outside the Student Center during lunch.

Senior Parker Callender gets light blue waves painted onto her face by art teacher Nina Ollikainen at a face painting activity in the Student Center during lunch.

Juniors Taylor King and Abby Doll walk to class decked out in mermaid costumes and warm coats for the cold weather.

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