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16 fun things to do this fall

As we approach Halloween, check out some ideas for how to enjoy the remainder of the fall. Staff photo: Gracie Hammond.

By Gracie Hammond

Fall has just begun. Leaves are turning deep shades of oranges, reds, and yellows. Starbucks is selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Halloween decorations are lining store shelves and candy can be bought in bulk for trick-or-treaters. With all of these changes, we must take advantage of what the season has to offer. Look below for some ideas on how to best enjoy your fall this year.

1. Get some friends together and watch Halloweentown, then watch Halloweentown 2. Kalabar’s Revenge, then watch Halloweentown High, and then watch Return to Halloweentown. But seriously, Halloweentown 1 and Halloweentown High are the best.
3. Make apple cider from scratch
4. Try Clorox’s new pumpkin spice-scented cleaning supplies line
5. Get a matching Halloween costume with your dog
6. Dress as a scarecrow and protect your neighbor’s crops
7. Make your own fall-scented candle line featuring aromas like candy corn or logs in the fireplace
8. Watch some football
9. Go on a foggy morning stroll
10. Try a Ouija board
11. Every time a leaf falls to the ground, scream “murder!”
12. Do a random act of kindness
13. Get a library card
14. Have a picnic at the local cemetery
15. Buy a pet crow and name it Apple
16. Bury yourself in a pile of leaves and pop out when the local children walk by

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