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Spirit Week Day 2: Photo Recap of Storybook Tuesday

Storybook Tuesday consisted of entertaining activities such as "Name That Tune" and the continuation of the push-up contest from Muscle Monday. Staff photos by Bridget Quigley.

By Bridget Quigley

Juniors Miles Dorosin and Abby Doll chat with sophomore Emily Doll, all decked out in spirit gear: USA themed for juniors and Red Riding Hood for sophomores.

One boy from each grade competes in the annual push-up competition, rescheduled from Muscle Monday due to lack of time.

Freshman Jasper Sands smiles triumphantly after winning the push-up contest.

Two representatives from each grade compete in the “Name That Tune” contest.

Seniors go wild after scoring the winning point in the “Name That Tune” competition.

Seniors Caroline Bradley and Julia Wang dress up in “The Grinch” outfits to represent their “Dr. Seuss” theme as they make an announcement during lunch.

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