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Spirit Week Day 1: Photo Recap of Muscle Monday

With the powderpuff football game and the push-up contest, "Muscle Monday was an exciting way to kick off spirit week. Staff photo by Samantha Stevens.

By Samantha Stevens


Seniors huddle while the Juniors set up their defensive line during the annual powderpuff football game. The seniors ended up winning 7-0. Staff photo by Samantha Stevens.

Junior Sophie Jones pulls Julia Wang's flag. The seniors' single touchdown to win the game came from Morgan Williams. Staff photo by Samantha Stevens.

The sophomore and junior classes prepare for their tug-of-war battle against each other. After 3 rounds (seniors versus freshmen; juniors versus sophomores; seniors versus sophomores), the sophomores beat the seniors. Staff photo by Samantha Stevens.

Students gather around the student center during lunch to witness the "Muscle Monday" spirit activities, which included a push-up contest and arm-wrestling. Staff photo by Samantha Stevens.

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