New technology center set to open within next three weeks

The opening of the new technology center has been slightly delayed but is on track to happen within the next three weeks. Staff photo by Eva Herr.

By Eva Herr

While the new cafeteria and library are up and running, the technology center is still undergoing construction. According to Head of the Tech Department, Eric Spross, the exact opening date is uncertain however they are planning to move in by either Monday, September 25th or Monday, October 2nd. Originally, the construction crew thought the building would be done as early as September 11th.

The technology department has moved out of the portables located in the senior quad but they still need to schedule a time to remove the portables. “Because the portables are so large, the workmen need to clear the majority of the parking lot, so the move needs time when school isn’t in session.” Spross said. “The soonest they would move would be Friday, September 29, but it’s quite likely that it will take longer.”

Spross says the construction has gone mostly smoothly with a minor flood incident on Wednesday, September 6th. The flood occurred while a contractor was installing a tile in the bathroom and accidentally broke a water line. The lower floor of the building was flooded resulting in the crew redoing parts of the wallboard.

The new space will be two stories, with one underground, and is designed to look part of the Creative Arts and Design Center (CADC). The building will contain Menlo’s technology repair shop, offices for staff, meeting rooms and a casual lobby space to work on projects with tech personnel nearby. “First and foremost, it’s the place where students and faculty can go to get help with their technology,” Spross said. With its interior design matching that of the CADC, the new center should have no trouble fitting right in at Menlo.

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