Senior quad closed indefinitely due to falling of two tree limbs

The senior quad has been blocked off after two tree limbs fell on campus Saturday afternoon. Staff photo by Eva Herr

By Eva Herr

On Saturday afternoon two tree limbs fell on campus; one in the senior quad and the other near the entrance to the loop. The school arborist attributed the breakage to extreme the heat, drought, and recent heavy rainfall. Both of these trees will be removed resulting in the closure of the senior quad until the process is complete. Dean of Students Tony Lapolla says the facilities department is currently working on a plan for removal that will take into account student safety and noise.

The removal of the tree has not only disrupted the social flow in the quad but will forever impact the senior quad space. “I will personally be sad to see the tree go. Not only because it was the main source of shade for the senior quad but also because it marks another change in the senior quad,” senior Kate Gruber said.

Lapolla says that the facilities department is working on replacing the trees which will be a welcomed addition by many students. “While I’m sad to see the tree go, it will be cool to come back every year and see a brand new tree in its place,” Student Body President Grant Dumanian said. Once all the construction is complete the seniors will be able to return to their beloved quad. “Hopefully we can get a new tree in soon so the senior quad can go back to normal,” senior Thomas Brown said.

The breakage of these old trees raises some questions about the safety of the other trees that reside in heavily populated areas of school. “Because so many trees have already fallen or have had branches break off…it concerns me that other trees on campus of the same age or structure might fall too,” junior Anna Guiragossian said. However, the school arborist is also inspecting the other Menlo campus trees to ensure that they are safe.

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