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A basic introduction to four popular video games among students

Staff writer Arnav Bhagat explores popular video games among Menlo students and among teenagers as a whole. Creative Commons Image: Wikimedia Commons

By Arnav Bhagat

Grand Theft Auto

If you’re a parent, you hate it. If you’re a kid, you love it. Widely regarded as one of the most mature rated games on the shelves, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been hugely successful. Disregarding the suggestive and controversial nature of the game, the effort put into the development of the product, released approximately every 4 years, is undeniable. The game is the epitome of “freemode,” allowing its users to partake in virtually anything using stunningly realistic graphics. No other game rivals GTA in the range of freemode. The player can customize their character and head out into the city of Los Santos, based on Los Angeles. The map is vast, including the suburbs, city, and desert. Hundreds of virtual miles of playable area allow gamers to partake in missions, recreational activities, and activities more criminal in nature. The game is really in the hands of the player, trying to make it as their own character; from a small-time hustler, to a kingpin who runs the city.


EA Sport’s FIFA Soccer has been atop the sports game scene for years, played by millions of fans around the world. Understandably, with soccer’s popularity around the globe, the game flies off the shelves every year, resulting in crazy revenue for EA. The biggest draw: Ultimate Team. Arguably one of the most famous game modes in all of video games, Ultimate Team follows the concept of “rags to riches.” Players make coins from partaking in online games against competitors around the globe, and utilizing the transfer market, attempting to travel up through divisions with their team. Eventually, the goal is to build your ultimate team, assembled with the world's premier players, and WIN. Fifa has expanded to a new area of Ultimate Team this year, a major draw for serious fifa players. The cream of the crop qualify for the FUTCHAMPS weekend tournament and compete in 40 games of rigorous competition to win the grandest of prizes.

Call of Duty

If you play video games,or even if you don’t, you know Call of Duty. With a premier console first-person shooter, this mature game has been atop the charts for years, and has really been a centerpiece of console video games. Gamers wait hungrily for the release of Activision’s new Call of Duty Game every year, having seen titles like Modern Warfare and Black Ops take the gaming scene by storm. Call of Duty games made their name for the military warfare aspect. Players can partake in a single-player campaign mode usually centered around the journey of a soldier from various groups. The campaigns have progressively been integrated into more modern settings and unique scenarios, encompassing international conflicts, nuclear wastelands, and even futuristic settings (as seen in Advanced Warfare). Famous for the creation of crazy virtual weaponry, COD also features a famous multi-player interface allowing players to compete in different game modes, including team deathmatch, search and destroy, and free for all. The more time and success the player enjoys on the online maps, the higher their level, and the more they can unlock. COD has also expanded their game modes into interesting new situations, most notably Black Ops zombies, which features an older, apocalyptic zombie world.

Madden 17

America loves football. America loves video games. So, America loves Madden Football. Another famous EA Sports franchise, Madden football has been the premier American Football video game since its creation in the early 90’s. Again, EA employs the Ultimate Team game mode to attract and occupy avid players. Following a similar format to FIFA, UT follows a “rags to riches” format, and many different ways to reach virtual stardom. Friends also battle head-to-head in the riveting, real experience of the kickoff game mode. Gameplay features extensive team playbooks, enabling for multitudes of play-calling options and audibles, and the most up-to-date rosters that enable players to take control of their favorite teams. From offense to defense, the game employs strategy and skill, with varying degrees of difficulty. The hits are huge, and the plays are big. Football fans will love Madden.

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