Faculty onto new things: Casey McCullough

Along with Patty Carleton, Vicky Greenbaum, Lynn Anderson, Brad Ward, Rene Villicaña, and David Spence, computer science teacher Casey McCullough will also be leaving Menlo. Photo courtesy of Menlo School. 

By Meri Klingelhofer

After three years at Menlo, Upper School computer science teacher Casey McCullough plans to move to Cleveland with his family. He will miss teaching his students computer science in such a motivating learning environment.

“My wife and I are both teachers in the Bay Area and it’s just become too expensive,” McCullough said. His wife has extended family in Cleveland, so they can help take care of McCullough’s kids, who can be challenging at such a young age.

After some initial concern, his kids are excited to start a new adventure in a new place. Breaking the news to his youngest child was easy. “My three year old is pretty oblivious: we told her and she just kept eating her pizza,” McCullough said. Even though his son was sad to be leaving at first, he is currently very excited to live closer to his cousins.

In Cleveland, McCullough plans to live in a house that has a large backyard so that his kids have room for fun games and other activities. He’s excited to give his kids opportunities that they wouldn’t be able to have here.

During his three years teaching computer science at Menlo, he has really enjoyed the students’ attitudes. “I feel like Menlo students are just a great group of nice and hardworking students who aim to please, which as a teacher is always a delight,” McCullough said. The healthy work environment that Menlo gives its students is the aspect of the school that he will miss the most.

He will also miss members of the faculty that he has gotten to know. “[Even though] I’ve only been here three years, I have some good friends and I’ll be sad to leave them behind,” he said.

McCullough is looking forward to moving to Cleveland because he and his family will get to experience new things and make new memories. “I’m a little freaked out about snow,” he said. He grew up in Arizona, so the new weather will take some getting used to. “There will be some challenges, but I’m excited,” McCullough said.

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