Spectrum Club Organizes Skirt Day Celebration at Menlo

To celebrate college counselor Brad Ward's birthday on May 4, the Spectrum Club organized Skirt Day in an effort to show Menlo's solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Staff photo: Kaitlyn Tom

By Christian Wagner

Tomorrow, May 4, Menlo will hold Skirt Day, a celebration coordinated by the Spectrum Club to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community on campus, specifically college counselor Brad Ward’s birthday and her coming out as transgender to the public.

“Our goal is just showing [Ward] that she’s loved and supported by her community because she really is,” said senior Lola Williams, co-leader of the Spectrum Club at Menlo.

Though the idea initially came from the faculty, Jun Ru Anderson, the other co-leader of Spectrum Club, adopted the idea and brought it to the student body as a whole through the club. “I hope to see a lot of people participating and showing our support for [Ward] and all that she’s been through this year,” Anderson said, referring to hardships faced when coming out as transgender to the Menlo community.

Menlo students outside of the Spectrum Club are excited to show their support for Ward. “[Skirt Day] represents that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can dress any way you want,” junior Brody Laporte said.

“We’re celebrating [...] Ward’s birthday, just to respect her [...] and I think that just [...] showing that we care and support her is a good way to end her career at Menlo,” freshman Lindsey Chao said, who plans on sporting her own skirt tomorrow.

Students are stepping outside of their comfort zones in an effort to show their support. “For someone like me wearing a skirt, the message I would want people to know that I love everyone no matter who they are […] that I’m in support of everyone,” senior Christina Ekstrand said.

“The statement [of wearing a skirt] is nothing more than saying the Menlo community should support and love Brad,” Williams said.

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  • What a creative and thoughtful tribute to Brad. I applaud all of the students who organized and participated in Skirt Day for showing support for both her and our LGBQT+ community, and for appreciating our humanity in all of its wonderful expressions! Oh, and Happy Birthday Brad!

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