Menlo Radio Club aims to provide entertaining platform for everyone

Baily Deeter and Ty Corley practice recording at the freshman welcome event on Saturday. Photo courtesy Katie Miller.

By Jake Shiff

Menlo’s next big thing is currently in the making, the Menlo Radio Club. Founders Ty Corley, Baily Deeter, and JH Tevis, all of whom are juniors, have big plans for their new club -- including nightly shows that last somewhere in between 45 minutes to an hour.

Corley stated that he got his inspiration for the club from the Sacred Heart Prep radio show, which he tunes into regularly for entertainment. The founders also plan on modeling their show on 95.7 The GAME, a daily radio show that discusses Bay Area sports by debating and bickering.

The Menlo Radio Club plans on including topics that range from more lighthearted topics like sports and pop culture to topics that are more serious, such as political and social issues. “The premise of the show is to give Menlo students a platform to speak their mind or to entertain people,” Corley said.

Although it is unconventional to start a club towards the end of the year, the Radio Club expects to have a large viewership right away because the founders see a lot of interest from the student body. People will be able to access the radio shows on YouTube live stream and they will also be available in podcast form.

The radio show aims on implementing guest callers that will ask for advice or be interviewed by the radio hosts. Mosts of the hosts will be pairs that offer differing perspectives so as to generate interesting content. “A great pair for the radio show will be [junior] Marc Velten and [junior] Cooper Stewart because they are very opinionated and passionate, but have such different beliefs,” Deeter said.

The founders encourage people who aren't considered outspoken or leaders at the school to speak on the radio show and share their ideas. “While we need to make sure that people are educated in terms of what they can and cannot say, anyone is able to join and anyone is able to talk about topics that interest them,” Deeter said.

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