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Monthly Album Review

Lots of artists rolled out new albums last month. Co-spread editor Kaitlyn Tom reviews a few of her favorites. Screenshots from Apple Music.

By Kaitlyn Tom

Ed Sheeran: ÷
Sheeran’s first album since 2014 has been one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, and it certainly lives up to its expectations. Sheeran’s guitar is in the spotlight in this album, and it certainly adds an indie edge that has reshaped his sound into something even more interesting than his previous albums.

Recommended: “Nancy Mulligan”
While “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” have been the most popular songs from this album, “Nancy Mulligan” is a standout because of its indie/folk sound. Sheeran perfectly combines a more rustic vibe with his signature sound.

Temples: Volcano
As a psychedelic band, Temples has quite a feat to conquer from setting themselves apart from previous artists. Yet, Temples still achieves this goal in this album and goes above and beyond of what fans expected out of it.

Recommended: “Oh the Saviour”
The combination of guitar and the simple vocals brings back recollections of the Beatles. Still, Temples utilizes the Beatles’ unique sound and makes something entirely their own by adding some pop elements.

Charli XCX: Number 1 Angel
Performing at Lollapalooza this summer, there was certainly pressure on Charlie XCX to create an amazing album. While Charli XCX’s album certainly is catchy, it overuses techno sounds far too often, making the album seem repetitive.

Recommended: “Babygirl”
Featuring Uffie, this song is one of the more laid back songs in the album. The simple beat and artfully used synthetic sounds create a song that’s perfect for a chill Friday night.

Pitbull: Climate Change
An album titled “Climate Change” should include songs that specifically address the issue of the melting polar caps, the rising sea levels, and the ozone hole. Yet, Pitbull delivers lackluster songs that emphasize the exact same themes as his previous album’s did.

Recommended: “Educate Ya”
This song features Jason Derulo, and it’s definitely a stand out in this rather bland album. The choice to stop the beat in certain areas of the song create a unique sound, which coupled with the shifts from major to minor keys, create a truly interesting and catchy song.

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