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Where should I post that photo?

Have you ever wondered where to post that incredible photo you took over the weekend? Snapchat... Facebook... Instagram... VSCO... so many options. Never fear, an easy how-to guide is here.

Staff photo: Lee Fisher

By Lee Fisher

A family picture:
A family picture is going to do best in terms of response on your Facebook page, where all of your relatives and immediate family are most active. Facebook is best for milestones and announcements that you want everyone in your life to be aware of -- and a current family photo is exactly that!

An artsy nature/sunset photo:
Post this picture on your VSCO! VSCO is perfect for beautiful, aesthetically pleasing photos, and this type of picture will make your grid look perfect.

A portrait:
If it’s a senior portrait, make it your Facebook profile picture! You’ll never know when a potential roommate is stalking your page... if it’s just a regular picture of yourself, Instagram works too.

Posed photo with friends:
This is great for a Facebook cover photo.

Candid photo with friends:
Put this on Instagram! Paired with a nice filter, a cute candid photo can do wonders for your Insta profile.

Although these type of photos often clog up Instagram feeds, it’s really the best to post a picture from a dance on Instagram. However, a cool alternative is Snapchat, as long as you keep it classy.

Concert pictures:
Concert pictures will probably get the most love on your Snapchat story, but make sure not to post too many! Keep it limited to two or three tops, or most people will get annoyed.

If you have a bomb selfie sitting in your camera roll, post it on your private Instagram account. Bless your finsta followers with that fire!

Sports photos:
Although this type of picture will typically perform well on Instagram, you can mix it up and post it on Facebook if you’re feeling adventurous. Sit back, relax, and watch the comments from distant friends and family members roll in.

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