And the Winner of the Debate Is….Ken Bone

Tempers flaring, policy statements being avoided and personal attacks made up the main story of the second debate. But there is story that could be equally just as important if not more important by several leagues. It’s a story of a man that could alter the course of American history. And his name is Kenneth Bone.

Screenshot from Ken Bone's Facebook fan page.

By Ty Corley

There he sat, humbly waiting his turn to ask a question. “He is the hero we all want, but that none of us deserve,” stated one Twitter theorist. While Trump and Clinton were battling it out on the stage, Bone was thinking of the next grand charitable act he was going to do. While Trump was ranting on ISIS, Bone was imagining how he was going to go door to door giving out puppies in his neighborhood when he got home.

It didn’t take much, just a fashionable, statement-making red sweatshirt for Bone to turn from a concerned citizen to an American hero. Bone came to the debate just like anyone else, a truthseeker. Bone had had enough of the lies be perpetuated by the presidential candidates. Bone had heard enough promises that were not kept. Bone had heard enough insults slung back and forth by the candidates. Bone decided it was time for action.

What better way to take action than to ask a riveting question about the energy policy of both candidates. “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?” So simple yet so complex. So multifaceted yet so transparent. Bone’s artfully constructed question even received a, “that’s a good question” from Donald Trump. It’s a question that while no one would admit it, the American people wanted to know. What was going to happen to our power plant workers? It was a question that had crossed my mind several times and Bone was the only one with the guts to ask it. And he asked it with absolute grace.

Bone took the national stage with honor and confidence. He spoke in a manner in which any simple man would, with utter aptitude. Because that’s all he wanted to be - a simple man who helps people. Yet what even a man of his great wisdom didn’t fully comprehend was the magnitude of people that his message would reach.

It’s not just the power plant workers and miners that owe Bone their lives, it’s all Americans. In this time on instability and uncertainness, we can all look to Bone for balance, for answers, for the truth. He was referred to as “the human version of a hug” by onlookers. His simple nature was just enough to reset the American people into a happy state that they hadn’t felt since before this horrendous ordeal known as the 2016 presidential election.

Ken Bone exited the debate just how he had entered it, with grace and beauty which was displayed as he took a photo on his disposable camera to capture the moment in which he changed the future of America. When the debate was over, a soaring desire for Bone to
run for president emerged. Bone, being the humble man that he is, quickly disappeared from the public eye never to be seen again. One can only imagine if the next he will resurface is to save America from destruction, again.

God Bless You Kenneth Bone.

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